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Welcome to RevEv Weddings
Welcome to RevEv Weddings.

Iím Reverend Craig Evans (also known as RevEv) and I offer my services as a non-denominational Christian minister and/or non-religious officiant, to perform your wedding ceremony (see the "Weddings" page for more information on this). My wedding services are available in the Temecula Valley area of Southern California. I typically come to your wedding location be it your home, a park, hotel, winery, or other special place. Additionally, I can offer my Temecula home or garden as your wedding location for a maximum 25 people (please see the "Locations and Coordinating" page for more information). My wedding ceremony is tastefully simple, incorporating many familiar elements in a contemporary setting, yet at the same time placing the focus of the service on the couple. It is my goal to provide a memorable and meaningful wedding ceremony which allows flexibility to accommodate the particular needs of the couple and/or families. I have performed many inter-faith weddings in which couples from different religious, ethnic, or cultural backgrounds desired to modify the ceremony to appropriately blend each individuals needs. I also perform weddings for couples that are "already married." These weddings have the look, sound and feel of an official wedding but are designed to accommodate the needs of couples, that for various reasons, are already married. Sometimes the families and/or guests do not know, so discretion is a priority. Browse this web site to find more about the services I offer as a officiant and/or minister and that of my wife as a wedding coordinator.
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